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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Dairy Goat Farming in Indonesia!

Dairy Goat farming in Indonesia have a possible prospect of gaining successful business.

Data BPS Populasi Kambing - Wartawan - Araca
Data BPS Populasi Kambing – Wartawan – Araca


Dairy Goat farming in Indonesia are very common to find, as the population of goats has increased gradually at an average rate of 4,6% in the last ten years. But it is usually managed by a small industry, like a small household in a particular area, especially a village. Thus, Indonesian farmers have introduced goat milk as one of the best dairy products

People who would rather choose cow’s milk also can consume it alternatively. It tastes good and is easy when we cook it into various menus such as desserts, soup, and drinks. You may consume it every day because it has many benefits for our health.

Although dairy goat farming in Indonesia can be profitable, the demand is less than the cows. It causes obstacles and challenges for goat farmers. So the deeper knowledge about goat farming is prominent to be enhanced.


Current Situation: The Needs for Milk in Indonesia

Araca Milk with Bottle - Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik
Araca Milk with Bottle – Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik

Dairy Goat farming in Indonesia is actually a big industrial business. It supports the fact that people need fresh and healthy dairy products. Consuming it everyday will fulfill their need for good nutritions.

Let’s take a look at the reality which is in the statistical data in our country. It stated that the local milk industry generated approximately USD 10.6 billion in revenue in 2022.  

It also found that Indonesia occupied the fourth position as the largest revenue after India, China, and the United States. Furthermore, it will continue growing the development by 5,47% every year. It concludes that Indonesia is able to become a potential milk industry.

Besides the good facts, the level of milk consumption behavior is very low. According to the Indonesia Bureau of Statistics or BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik), people still lack milk. It includes pasteurized, fresh, and powdered milk.


Our country reached 16,27 liters per capita per year; however, it is very recommended to consume 180 liters per capita per year. The statistic presents the data below!

To overcome this problem, the government imports milk from other countries. In contrast, we find that imported milk covers 80% of the needs. It obstructs the self-sufficiency project in Indonesia.

One of the other strategies to handle it is substituting cow’s milk into goat’s milk. That’s the best solution because goat milk farm Indonesia has been becoming a good business. Moreover, it is increasing gradually every year.

Based on the study, goat milk redound 2% of the total dairy production. On the other hand, farmers and local governments should collaborate to support the growth of goat milk production


Explaining Why Dairy Goat Milk Farming is Profitable in 5 Reasons

Is managing dairy goat milk farming in Indonesia profitable? Does it bring us high income or financial benefit? How about the challenges when it should compete with other dairy businesses?

Those questions must frequently appear from people who want to start a goat milk industry. But, they are just over-worried about the risks. The basic reason is they have yet to learn the ins and outs of goat farming.

Goat’s dairy products give a potential long-term benefit. The reasons will be mentioned as follows!


1. High Demand for The Goat Milk in Indonesia

Goat milk can cure many diseases and maintains our stamina to keep healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people searched for it to consume as a natural remedy.

This kind of milk strengthens our immune system because it contains many vitamins. Unfortunately, goat farmers couldn’t reach the sudden demand for milk.

When the pandemic is nearly over, people still look for milk as their daily consumption. Google Trends shows us the fact that goat’s dairy demand has been constantly increasing in the last decade.

Kebutuhan Susu Kambing - Google Trends - Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu Kambing – Google Trends – Araca Milk

Based on the Google Trends statistic above, you can see that people tend to choose goat’s milk rather than cow’s milk. Don’t ever think that this milk isn’t delicious because it has a strong, pungent smell. Goat dairy has many fans in Indonesia.

They are looking for the health benefits and distinctive taste produced by goat’s milk.


2. Dairy Goat Farming Indonesia as ‘A Blue Ocean’ Industry

Why is a dairy goat milk farming in Indonesia called a blue ocean? It is kind of an untapped industry that is still developing in the market. Thus, the dairy goat is included in the blue ocean’s products.

From the BPS report, 13.56 million Indonesian are categorized as small-house goat farmers. Most of them are in Java, Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi. 

The distribution is uneven so it causes the lack of goat’s milk supply in our country. Due to this reason, farmers have a big opportunity to open the goat’s milk industry, especially in rural areas. It is because there are still many open spaces for herding the goats.


3. Indonesia Has The Supportive Government

With the government’s support, dairy goat farming in Indonesia can only become a prospective industry. But, ours have several appropriate programs to promote and help farmers improve their projects.

  • Having counseling about managing goat farming. The products are not only powdered milk but also natural manure. 
  • Doing a beneficial audit NKV (Nomor Kontrol Veteriner). It aims to monitor the industrial process in liquid and powdered milk
  • Avoiding children from malnutrition by distributing powdered goat’s milk for free. Etawa dairy is categorized as the best milk because it contains healthy minerals such as phosphor, vitamins, sodium, and calcium.

Building a new goat milk farm in Indonesia has risks and many challenges. But, the farmers can overcome any struggles with the government’s support.


4. Goats are Well-Adapted Animals Agriculture

This animal is very well-adapted to the tropical season in Indonesia. They live properly in almost every land’s characteristics. As it has been mentioned above, goat farming has appeared in several regions, such as Java, Sulawesi, and even Nusa Tenggara.

It is easy to take care of this animal because goats can look for their food independently. The farmers are herding them in open spaces such as fields or pastures. It will press the feeding budget; thus, they eat natural grass.    

We can put them into a small barn when you don’t have a large space to maintain the farm. Goats are easily adapting to any weather and temperature.


5. Producing Many Kinds of Byproducts

Do you think that dairy goat farming in Indonesia only produce the same product? These livestock animals produce many dairies. Besides fresh milk, farmers will get high-quality byproducts.

The excess goat’s milk becomes food such as ice cream, crackers, cake, caramel candy, dodol, and yogurt. Furthermore, you may see interesting stuff like milky soap, kefir face masks, and skin care products.

So, the farmers should not be worried about financial loss from external factors. For example, animal disease, natural disasters, or an unsupported environment.

This industrial farming business has successfully improved its income. They have many types of byproducts and higher demand from prospective buyers.


Goat’s Milk’s Amazing Health Benefits

After talking about the benefits of the goat milk farm in Indonesia, we now move to its health aspect. This milk contains many nutrients needed by the human body. So, children and adults can consume it regularly. Then what are those benefits?


  • Preventing Malnutrition in Children

Based on the Health Ministry of Indonesia’s report stated that stunting or malnutrition affects children in large amounts. This is a very serious problem, and governments should stop it quickly. 

24,4% percentage of children in Indonesia who got malnutrition in 2022. WHO supported this fact by stating that stunting was an ironic case in this country.

One of the best solutions to fix and prevent this problem is substituting goat’s milk for free. It covers children’s nutrition needs, such as protein, fat, and calories.


  • Becoming an Alternative Milk for People with Lactose Intolerant

Some people have particular health problems such as lactose intolerance. Cow’s milk has negative impacts because its body cannot properly absorb good nutrients. Moreover, acid reflux is the most frequent disease after drinking cow’s milk.

On the other hand, you can replace it with goat’s milk as an alternative drink. According to Healthline, it claimed that its lactose is less than cow’s milk


  • Containing Very High Calcium for Our Body

What does calcium do for the human body? People know that consuming milk will strengthen our bones and teeth. However, goat’s milk surprisingly brings you bigger calcium than cow’s milk.

We also find other nutritions; for example higher protein, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Those healthy contents overcome any kinds of milk including plant-based milk. For example soy and nuts milk like almond.


  • Preventing The Possibility of Cardiovascular Problems

The WHO stated that CVDs (Cardiovascular diseases) impact most deaths worldwide. The estimation of human death is around 17.9 million lives per year.

Dairy Goat farming in Indonesia have a possible prospect of gaining successful business. This milk copes with many health problems, including cardiovascular disease.

Fat in goat’s milk is higher than in cow’s, but it has a lower risk of causing heart problems. It is because of the goat’s monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.


  • Reducing Insomnia and Bringing The Better Sleep

People with sleep problems like insomnia must try to consume goat’s milk routinely. It improves our sleep quality because it has tryptophan amino acids. This substance will boost the serotonin percentage in the human body.

When the level of serotonin increases, our body feels more comfortable and happier. It makes a good sleep quality every night, especially for people who have insomnia.


  • Boosting Your Immune System

The last benefit of drinking goat’s milk is strengthening the human immune system. Good vitamins and minerals inside them are the prominent elements to build our body. Thus, one of them is selenium which is beneficial for reducing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. [13]

When you are sick, vitamins in the goat’s milk will make your recovery faster. It contains anti inflammatory so your body heals perfectly.

Dairy Goat Farming in Indonesia - Wartawan - Araca
Dairy Goat Farming in Indonesia – Wartawan – Araca


Araca Milk Indonesia as The First Bottled Goat Milk Supplier

Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik dari Araca Milk
Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik dari Araca Milk

It is not hard finding the high quality of dairy goat milk farming in Indonesia. Araca Milk is one of the best farming industries producing fresh and healthy goat’s milk.

Araca Milk focuses on farming Etawa goat species. The location of this farm is in Silakalang, Bali. Their business can grow rapidly as the first supplier in Indonesia. Furthermore, they distribute goat’s dairy products for worldwide shipping.

Araca manages their business seriously by focusing on the operational system. They monitor all the processes from making to packing the products. Thus, their procedure also ensures us with the best international standard.

First, as the first goat milk farm in Indonesia, Araca separates male and female goats in different barns. It keeps the quality of the milk itself. The other reason is to avoid bad smells, which can contaminate the milk’s taste.

Second, Araca Milk always provides all goats eating fresh and natural feed. They usually give them grass, dry forages, and concentrates. The quality of the feed impacts the taste. So, Araca avoids instant fodder.

Due to maintaining their goat’s physical condition,  adding vitamins are also important. It will prevent health problems for animals, especially from external factors. For example, the unpredictable weather in a particular region.

Last but not least, Araca Milk ensures people can afford their price. But, we should understand that it is more pricey than cow’s milk. It is because of many challenges in developing goat milk farm Indonesia.

Due to the lack of suppliers, Araca still provides affordable prices for people. They also expand the business for others interested in becoming partners.

Araca Milk realizes that this industry can be potential for the market. Many benefits come including the financial aspect. If you are interested in making a big profit by supplying goat’s milk, so take a look at the information below!


PT Araca Milk Industry (Goat Milk Manufacturer, Supplier & Processing Indonesia)

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.12, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Website : https://aracamilk.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aracamilk/

Whatsapp : +628113700387

Email : [email protected]

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@araca-milk-susu-kambing

TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@aracamilk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/aracamilk



We know that dairy goat farming in Indonesia has a good potential business. It can grow faster if you can manage it properly. Moreover, this kind of milk contains many benefits and has become an alternative.

Instead of consuming it for yourself, you can make the best investment in Araca Milk. Joining as one of their suppliers will gain a financial advantage.


1. What is the most profitable dairy milk in Indonesia?

Any kind of food made from dairy milk from Araca. 

2. Where is the largest goat milk industry in Indonesia?

PT Araca Milk Industry is one of the biggest businesses which provides high-quality goat milk. 

3. What kind of products are produced by the Araca Milk Industry?

Araca has the best byproducts. They are fresh goat’s milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, cajeta, goat milk fudge, gelato from goat’s milk, goat soap, and delicious drinks such as smoothies and shakes.

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