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The Industrial Opportunity of Goat Milk Production in Indonesia

By investing in Araca Milk Goat Milk Production and Industry, you will get the chance to explore Indonesia's goat milk market and reap profit from it.


Goat Milk Production & Industry – In Indonesia, goat farming is prevalent, especially among small households. Aside from the meat, goat is also utilized for its milk, which is proven to be very beneficial for health. Unfortunately, the rising demand for goat milk does not line up with the development of goat milk farms in Indonesia.

Despite the very promising state of goat farming, especially dairy goats, many challenges exist. In this article, you will learn more about goat farming in Indonesia, its benefits, challenges, and a way for you to easily make a profit in the industry.


Goat Milk Industry in Indonesia: Current Situation

Goat Milk Production Industry - Araca Milk
Goat Milk Production Industry – Araca Milk

When it comes to the milk industry, Indonesia is a big market. According to Statista, the milk industry in Indonesia generates USD 10.6 billion in revenue, which is for 2022 alone.

That number sends Indonesia as the fourth biggest revenue generator worldwide, following India, China, and the United States. Statista also predicts that the market will still grow by 5.47% each year in the same report. That means Indonesia has a huge potential in the milk industry.

Despite the increasing number, there are some concerns about Indonesia’s level of milk consumption.

According to BPS (Indonesia Bureau of Statistics), the average milk consumption (in the form of fresh milk, pasteurized milk, and powdered milk) in Indonesia is only 16,27 liters/capita/year. Meanwhile, the recommended average is 180 liters/capita/year.

Kebutuhan Susu Kambing - Google Trends - Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu di Indonesia – Araca Milk


Because of that, the government of Indonesia has only one way to import milk from other countries. In fact, 80% of the country’s milk needs are imported milk, and that hinders the agenda of milk self-sufficiency.

To tackle this problem, Indonesia needs a good strategy to find a good and more nutritional substitute for cow milk, and goat milk can be a solution.

According to a study, goat milk shares 2% of the total dairy production, and the demand is still rising. That is why the production of goat milk should be accelerated with the collaboration between goat farmers and the government.


5 Reasons Why Dairy Goat Farming is a Promising Industry

Investment in Indonesia - Araca Milk Farm
Investment in Indonesia – Araca Milk Farm


Goat Milk Production & Industry – How promising is it to make a dairy goat farm in a world of cow milk? Would it be able to compete? Turns out there are a lot of benefits and potential in the industry. Here are the reasons why dairy goat farming can be beneficial for your pocket.


1. Goat Milk In Indonesia is In High Demand

When it comes to milk, goat milk is the rising star in Indonesia, especially during the COVID-19 pandemics.

Back then, the lack of information regarding the virus led people to rely on natural treatments to cure COVID-19 symptoms, or just strengthen the immune system in general. Unfortunately, the demands were not met due to the sudden increase, and the goat farmers were not ready for that.

Now that the pandemics are nearly over, would the demand for goat milk decrease? Most likely not. According to Google Trends, the search for goat milk has been constantly rising over time, especially in the last decade. That shows that there is a potential for goat milk, especially in Indonesia.

Kebutuhan Susu Kambing - Google Trends - Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu Kambing – Google Trends – Araca Milk


Then, is that all? Not yet. Looking back to the Google Trends result, you will see that people prefer goat milk over cow milk. That shows that there is an actual gap that only goat milk can fill that not even the most popular kind of milk can fulfill.


2. Dairy Goat Farming is A ‘Blue Ocean’ Industry

“Blue ocean” is a term that represents an untapped potential or unexploited market, and the dairy goat industry is one of them.

According to the BPS report “Farm in Numbers 2022”, there are only 13.56 million goat farmers in Indonesia, most of whom are small-house farmers.

Moreover, according to the same report, most of goat farmers reside in Java, with East Java as the epicenter. Following it is Nusa Tenggara, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. Consequently, the lack of distribution centers results in insufficiency for the rest of the country.

That is why, building a dairy goat farm, especially at untouched areas, can be a good strategy to expand the market.


3. The Government of Indonesia is Fully-Supportive

All businesses need the help of the government to flourish, not exceptionally in the goat milk industry.

To accelerate goat milk production, the government has been making several programs that would help goat farmers to improve, such as

  • End-to-end counseling of goat farming that includes but not limited to goat feed counseling, goat waste management, and goat product packing and distribution.
  • Farm auditing to make sure that the livestock is healthy, as well as giving free vaccination and quality checking.
  • Integrating the use of goat milk in other’s department programs, most importantly to boost health, such as giving milk to malnourished children throughout the country.

While breeding a goat has its own challenge, the journey will be much easier with the government’s support. So, if you want to build one in Indonesia, just know that you will get all the help you need.


4. Goats Are Easier To Maintain

Compared to cows or chickens, goats are far easier to manage. Because goats are more adaptable than other livestock, their survivability is higher.

For example, goats will only require a small space due to their size, unlike cows, which need a bigger place to breed. Moreover, even though the feed of cows and goats is similar, the lower amount of feed will make farming goats a more budget-friendly option.

Another aspect that would make taking care of goats easier is the fact that they are very adaptable. Goats can withstand any kind of weather, even though not to the extreme. However, unlike any other livestock as poultry, it does not need a certain temperature to grow.


5. Goat Has a Lot of Byproducts

When it comes to goats, the most well-known byproducts are their meat and milk. However, there is more to the livestock.

Goat’s byproducts vary greatly. You can process its milk as soap, cheese, kefir, or yogurt. And you can also use its skin and change it into a leather product or use the excrement as a natural fertilizer.

In other words, almost every part of a goat can be processed into something. So, even if you are not milking the goat, you can always get the maximum benefit.



Health Benefits of Goat Milk

Now that we are done talking about the benefit of goat farming, let’s talk about the goat’s benefits in the health aspect.

Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik dari Araca Milk
Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik dari Araca Milk

When it comes to nutritional value, goat milk is more beneficial to health than cow milk. How so? This is the explanation.

1. It Helps Children with Stunting

According to the Health Ministry of Indonesia, stunting is a growth disruption due to chronic malnutrition and infection, and it is a serious problem in the country.

In 2022, 24.4% of kids in Indonesia are recorded kids with stunting. According to WHO, the number indicates how chronic the stunting situation is in Indonesia, and it needs immediate action.

One of the ways to tackle the problem is by giving them goat milk. According to a study, goat milk is a good source of fat, protein, and calories which help boosts the growth in malnourished kids.


2. Reduce The Possibility of Acid Reflux in People with Lactose Intolerant

One of the reasons why goat milk is so popular is the fact that it substitutes the use of cow milk, especially for people with lactose intolerant.

According to Healthline, the amount of lactose in a cup of goat milk is 1 gram less than it is in a cup of cow milk. Despite the slight difference, goat milk drinkers feel a significant effect after drinking goat milk as it does not trigger discomfort in the gastrointestinal area.


3. Strengthen Nails, Bones, and Teeth

One of the most significant differences between cow milk and goat milk is its amount of calcium.

A cup of goat milk contains up to 330 g, whereas cow milk only has 275-300 g per cup. Due to that quality, goat milk has often been used as a way to strengthen nails, bones, and teeth.


4. It Lowers the Possibility of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases have become a global problem in the past few decades. According to WHO, it is the number one cause of death worldwide, causing 17.9 million people to die each year, or 32% of deaths worldwide.

One of the causes of cardiovascular diseases is a destructive lifestyle, including consuming too little healthy food. Fortunately, consuming goat milk can solve that problem, even though it is not the sole solution.

One of the contents in goat milk is monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. It is the kind of healthy fat that is beneficial for your health, and it is known to reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and coronary heart disease.


5. It Boosts the Quality of Sleep

One of goat milk’s most overlooked health benefits is its ability to improve sleep quality. The healthy drink contains tryptophan amino acid, which has the ability to boost the serotonin level in the human body.

Serotonin is a hormone that manages our mood and regulates our sleep hours. Eventually, a more organized sleep hour will improve the quality of sleep. That is why goat milk may be effective for people with insomnia.


6. Goat Milk Strengthens the Immune System

Goat milk is a nutrient-dense drink that is rich in good vitamins and minerals.

One of the most important elements in goat milk is Selenium. Selenium can reduce the possibility of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Moreover, goat milk also contains more amount of Selenium than cow milk, and it plays a part in strengthening your immune system.

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Araca Milk: The First Bottled Goat Milk Production in Indonesia

Goat Milk Production Industry - Araca Milk
Goat Milk Production Industry – Araca Milk

Goat Milk Production & Industry  – To answer the market’s need for goat milk, a new innovation is needed. That is where Araca Milk fills the gap. Araca Milk is an Etawa goat farm in Silakalang, Bali, as well as the first bottled goat milk supplier in Indonesia.

Even though Araca Milk is not located in the heart of the island, or even the country, they still take their operational procedure seriously. Araca Milk ensures that its procedures line up with the international standard to produce good-quality bottled goat milk for consumers. What are the examples? 

First, Araca Milk makes sure that they provide their Etawa goats with natural and nutritious feed, such as dry forages and concentrates. As you may already know, the quality of the feed really shows in the quality of the milk.

Moreover, Araca Milk also ensures that the male and the female goats on their farm are separated. Such an attempt is crucial to avoid the bad odor in the milk.

Last, but the most important part, is the price.

Due to the lack of suppliers, it is a well-known fact that the price of goat milk is higher than cow milk. However, Araca Milk manages to sell its products at the lowest price possible. After all, their main goal is to make good money, while being extra considerate to their consumers and the environment.

For Pets (Dogs & Cats) Araca Goat Milk is more digestible than cow’s milk and lacks the complex proteins that are often associated with allergies. Having fat molecules one-fifth the size of those in cow’s milk makes it easily digestible and tolerable even for dogs and cats with digestive issues.
Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik Untuk Anjing Kucing dari Araca Milk
Susu Kambing Etawa Terbaik Untuk Anjing Kucing dari Araca Milk

Araca Milk Goat Milk Production & Industry – realizes the untapped potential of the goat milk market, especially in Indonesia. That is why Araca Milk invites you to explore the potential and make a profit together by investing in the farm. If you are interested, feel free to reach them through these channels.

PT. Araca Milk Industry

Website : https://aracamilk.com/ 

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aracamilk/ 

Whatsapp : +628113700387

Email : [email protected]

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.12, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@araca-milk-susu-kambing

TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@aracamilk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/AracaMilk

The Bottom Line

There are many challenges facing the national goat milk industry. However, it does not mean that the development of goat milk farms in Indonesia, as well as goat milk products, should stop. By investing in Araca Milk Goat Milk Production & Industry, you will get the chance to explore Indonesia’s goat milk market and reap profit from it.



1. What is the most profitable investment in Indonesia’s dairy industry?

Goat milk produced by PT Araca Milk Industry

2. Who Is the best supplier in Indonesia’s dairy industry?

PT Araca Milk Industry

3. Where is the Biggest goat milk factory in Indonesia?

PT Araca Milk Industry, located in Bali, Indonesia

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