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Business Opportunities in Indonesia for Foreign Direct Investment 2024

Investing in Indonesia - Indonesia Investments


Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia – The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly the entire world, especially when it comes to the business sector. Other than killing productivity, the pandemic weakened the business environment everywhere. However, many countries have pulled everything together today to bring back the lively vibe in both business and industry sectors. The same also goes for investment in Indonesia.

While the country slowly yet steadily regains its strengths, the news about recession comes as another nightmare for some. Companies begin to prepare themselves by doing a townhall of layoffs. This undoubtedly brings a huge impact on the sector of business and industry.

It also means that you have to start preparing for the worst. Instead of panicking, starting investments would be a productive idea. For starters, you can begin by looking for the right investment instrument. Other than weighing the pros and cons, it is good to consider other aspects, such as the profit, obstacles, how much you could gain through the business, and unpredictable events.

Indonesia, on the other hand, has plenty of room to grow – which is a good idea to start an investment. Find out more about the best investment you can make in Indonesia through the information below.


What is Investment – Foreign Direct Investment ?

Investment can be touted as an asset or item that you get that will generate income. When you invest in an item or good, the main purpose is not to consume that thing. Moreover, you use that instrument to gain income, revenue, or anything that adds to your wealth. To understand investment a little better, check out these takeaways.

  • Investments commonly use today’s capital so that you get a higher value in the future.
  • Most of the time, you have to put capital to work. By that, you may get a higher payoff in the future.
  • There are various types of investment instruments. They can be bonds, stocks, real estate property, and so on.

Generally, investment puts the orientation to potential future income or growth. Thus, it also means that it comes with a certain level of risk – some may not help you gain income at all. This is why you have to pick the instrument carefully. Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia.


How to Start Investing

Everything around you can be a spot for investment – the opportunity is endless, after all. For instance, upgrading your vehicle’s tires can be an investment for better usefulness and leverage of the asset. But how can you decide if an asset is good for you?


Before starting everything, it is crucial to always do your research – especially when you are going to invest your money in something big. Regardless of the instrument that you are interested in, there will always be homework to complete. Also, performing research helps you to make informed decisions and prevent unexpected blows in the future.

Create a Spending Plan

Generally, you can start investing when you already have a clear spending plan. Similar to savings, you need to put your money away, and it is crucial to ensure that you have enough capital to handle expenses and establish an emergency fund as well. 

Even though investment sounds enticing and trendy, it will be a painful struggle if you haven’t met your life requirements in the first place.

Learn Liquidity Restrictions

Some assets are less liquid than others. Thus, it is crucial to understand that not all instruments are easy to sell. More than anything, investing in something that can be sold and bought at any time without a specific timeframe is always better.

What about Taxes

Regardless of the investment, taxes will always follow. Similar to the liquidity, taxes might differ from one asset to another. Thus, you may want to invest in something that is worth the taxes in the first place.

Check the Risks

Investments always come with risks. There is always a possibility that you end up with no money at the end of the day. So, if this idea is a bit disturbing for you, you should reduce the amount of money for investment or find a way to mitigate risks.  Investments are surely for those who are brave enough to put their money into something that possibly helps gain revenue.


Investment and Its Impact

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) might not be something new and it comes with plenty of benefits – both for the countries and investors. As long as the incoming FDI is sustainable, it could be a healthy economic signal that everyone should acknowledge. Here are a few benefits of Foreign Direct Investment.

  • Economic growth is the first thing that is easy to check out as an impact of the investment. It also opens many possibilities to open new target audiences and markets. Of course, it is a healthy sign in emerging economies.
  • Once the market gets wider, it also means that job creation and employment rates increase. Generally, FDI is made to create new industries and businesses in the designated countries. By that, the wages may get higher while the market opens many vacancies.
  • Allowing international investors help the host country big time in technology transfer. Since there are more experienced people and hi-tech innovations involved, the host country may learn and adapt to many new things as well.

Just like any other opportunity, Foreign Direct Investment comes with risks as well. Those potential drawbacks include the following:

  • Strategic industries
  • Disruption of local industries
  • Long-term capital movement

 Those drawbacks can be prevented if you do your research before starting an investment.


Investing in Indonesia (Foreign Direct Investment)

Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia remained a stable country when the world went through a huge recession in 2009-2012. This country was even one of the emerging markets that showed real growth in 2011. It also became a reason why Indonesia continued to be an attractive destination for investment.

Even though inflation and geopolitics could be a few things that make you consider your plan to invest, you may get plenty of benefits from investing in Indonesia. Here are a few benefits you would get from investing in this country.

During the 2008 recession, Indonesia performed well in facing the crisis. It showed real economic growth and became one of the strongest players after the recession.

Compared to other emerging markets, Indonesia is less risky for investment, bringing about 25% of the average annual return

Another reason to invest in Indonesia is that the market capitalization is smaller than the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). It means that investors have plenty of room to grow.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic was quite rough and almost put any place in the world in despair, Indonesia was serious about bringing back its lively business climate. Among the business sectors, these three sectors below are currently the hottest sectors to invest in.


1. Digital Marketing Agency – PT Arfadia Digital Indonesia

Foreign Direct Investment - Investment in Indonesia - Arfadia
Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia – Arfadia


The digital and internet era has changed so many things that happen in this world – especially in the business sector. Most marketing efforts also need to expand to various digital channels, such as email, search engines, social media platforms, websites, and many more.

Thus, using only a traditional approach wouldn’t be sufficient – hiring a well-known digital marketing agency is such a good idea. As the need for digital marketing efforts increases, it will be a perfect opportunity to invest in a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing, compared to the traditional approaches, is way more effective yet affordable. It requires a short time to be done while the results are measurable. Other than that, there are strategies that you can try to ensure that your marketing is delivered effectively to the audience.

One of the most popular digital marketing agencies in Indonesia is PT Arfadia Digital Indonesia. This agency has taken care of various companies when it comes to digital marketing. It offers everything you need to leverage your digital presence – from experienced IT to multimedia services.

This company was founded by an ambitious entrepreneur with a smart-brain digital marketing expert. Until today, PT Arfadia Digital Indonesia has served various big companies to reach their goal through internet branding. From creating websites to online ads, this company has what it takes for the best digital marketing needs.


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Reach out to them through their official website and social media accounts.

PT. Arfadia Digital Indonesia


2. Etawa Goat Milk Farm – PT. Araca Milk Industry

Foreign Direct Investment - Investment in Indonesia - Araca Milk Farm
Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia – Araca Milk Farm


Another interesting thing to invest in is farmland. Growing crops to maintain the supply chain is not the only thing you can do by investing in farmland. Animal farming, for instance, is such a profitable idea.

While cows are the most popular option, goats require lesser care and maintenance. Besides, goats require a smaller area to grow.

Research revealed that goats provide an excellent source of human nutrients through milk. Thus, goat’s milk is such a great venture for those who prefer to invest in farmland. Similar to most animal farming businesses, goats also produce healthy meat. Yet, farmers or breeders have to make sure that the surroundings support the growth environment.

You will find one of the best Etawa goat milk farms in Bali. Located in Gianyar’s Silakarang, the farm is highly beneficial. Besides the land’s availability, Bali is a perfect place to develop farmlands due to its great soil condition and charming weather.

Araca Milk is the first company that introduced bottled goat’s milk to Indonesia’s market – it will expand to international markets soon. This company endeavors to promote health through regular milk consumption by providing quality goat’s milk. Thus, Araca Milk takes the cleanliness of the farm very seriously. Other than that, to maintain product quality, this company has implemented international standards to develop its livestock.

To prioritize quality product improvement and a sustainable environment, Araca Milk always carries out seamless yet integrated business management. By that, this company can put an excellent balance on both profit and quality.

Araca Milk is a perfect place to start your investment in Indonesia’s farmland.

Check out their website for more information:

PT. Araca Milk Industry

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.10, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571


3. Tourism Industry – Candi.id

Foreign Direct Investment - Investment in Indonesia - Candi
Foreign Direct Investment – Investment in Indonesia – Candi

Have you ever thought about investing in a startup company that specifically creates reviews and recommendations for tourist destinations? This option might sound a bit different from the previous two above. Yet, investing in tourism is such a good idea – through a startup company.

We all know that Bali is one of the places where you can find gorgeous things in the world. Everything is available on this island, from its stunning beaches and beautiful landscape to scrumptious culinary destinations.

It also means that investing in a business or company that promotes tourism is a profitable idea. Considering tourism is one of the strongest points when it comes to Indonesia’s beauties, there are plenty of places that you can visit. But where should you start?

A platform that informs hidden gems, places to stay, or food to try will help people gather information about a destination. Considering people often use social media, the demand for Candi.id services also increases.

@candi.id.official Yuk sini ke Bali aja! Udah pada ramai loh🥳 #andretaulani #pariwisatabali ♬ French music style, accordion, waltz – arachang

Candi.id is a startup that promotes tourism in Indonesia, especially in Bali. Besides creating recommendations and reviews for each play to visit in Bali, this startup company also provides a list of places to stay or grab scrumptious meals around the island. It indeed opens a wide opportunity to build partnerships with various brands, accommodation providers, and many more.

This startup company helps increase engagement and attract more customers by promoting attractive destinations and places. 

@candi.id.officialJapanese restaurant di daerah Seminyak, Rayjin!🤍 Kalau kesini harus booking ya.. Ada yang udah pernah kesini?♬ Romantic Sunday – Car the garden

One thing that makes Candi.id stand out from other competitors is the company’s ability to implement digital marketing measures, including SEO practices. Thus, if you are looking for an investment that opens many more business collaborations to come, then @candi.id.official might have a lot to offer.

You can check their official website and social media account for further information.


Final Words

More than anything, Indonesia is a perfect destination for investment. Other than its abundance of natural resources and the growing domestic market are a few reasons why investing in this country is a good idea. It is also possible to work with a young and technically trained workforce.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic weakened various sectors in this country – and the entire world – the business environment gradually heals right now.  Thus, you just need to pick the right sector to put your investment in Indonesia and ripe the profit at its best.




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